This really goes along with what Jonah recently wrote about “taking some time off” from anxiety!

I’m home from my trip. 11 days, 4 airplanes, 2 continents, untold numbers of security devices – I’m safe and sound and in my house again. And, I actually enjoyed myself.

I made a commitment before I left to be conscious of the possibility of anxiety and panic, and to do what I could to prepare for it. But, I was not going to let it drive me or run the show.

And it didn’t.

I’m so grateful for the process of working through this disorder of Panic and Anxiety. Because it is a process I’m not focused on one, single, final cure-all. I’m just relieved I am doing better, that I’m able to participate in the abundance of what life has to offer.

So that’s my tale of a deep-seated fear: the fear of flying. And how, at least this time, it didn’t keep me from doing something wonderful!