Maybe you’ve noticed that I’m a huge NPR fan. It’s a constant companion on my morning and evening commutes. In fact, I find it to be one of the few things that keeps me from noticing that I’m sitting in mile after dehumanizing mile of traffic. My drive to work is almost exactly 32 miles, which, if driven at the average speed limit of 60, should take me no longer than 32 minutes. This morning, my commute took me just shy of 3 hours. How’s that for rat race, eh?

Anyway, I’ve had this story bookmarked for week or two. As usual, I heard it on NPR (hence the rant above). Catherine Royce has ALS, but rather than allow the disease to destroy her life in the same way that it destroys her body, she’s found an uplifting way to view her illness. Anyone who has ever dealt with anxiety surrounding disease and illness should listen to this story. Don’t just read it, listen to it. Here’s a short snippet of what to expect:

Every day I choose not only how I will live, but if I will live. I have no particular religious mandate that forbids contemplating a shorter life, an action that would deny this disease its ultimate expression. But this is where my belief in choice truly finds its power. I can choose to see ALS as nothing more than a death sentence, or I can choose to see it as an invitation — an opportunity to learn who I truly am.

To listen, just follow this link to the story and click on “Listen” under the title.