In a follow-up to a previous post, I found a great article for dealing with holiday stress and anxiety. This HealthNewsDigest article has a lot of great tips on how to manage your stress during the holidays.

And here’s another article (from the El Paso Times) about stress and anxiety during the holidays. It’s a good read. Here’s an excerpt:

Dr. Luisa Castellaños, a psychologist also in Las Cruces, said some of the holiday letdowns stem from comparing one’s experience to a Hallmark card family-type portrayal that all families should be happy at this time.

“It is an illusion,” she said. “A lot of people don’t have that and feel lonely or left out because it’s not real for them. A lot of family issues and family losses come up during this time. The material aspects we see on television misconstrues the holidays for some, and stress develops when they can’t meet the high expectations they set for themselves. Parents feel guilty, and I hear them say they feel bad because they don’t have enough money to buy presents.”