In my years of navigating anxiety-related internet forums, I’ve often seen the question of pregnancy arise. I’ve always been wary about responding to such questions because I’m a male and don’t have the benefit of personal experience and because there’s very little reliable information to be found on the topic.

Most respondents attempt to assure the woman that anxiety during pregnancy is harmless to the fetus, but that never seemed very logical to me, considering that a developing fetus is very sensitive to everything. But this puts us in a bind: mothers who constantly worry about their anxiety are only going to make it worse, thereby compounding the potential effects on the unborn child. Additionally, if the woman chooses to take SSRIs during pregnancy, this introduces a whole new variable into the equation.

So, to help understand this complicated question, The Anxiety Disorders Association of America has a special feature this month on this very topic. If you’ve ever asked questions about anxiety and pregnancy, this article will definitely be of interest to you.