I am finding that my level of anxiety is directly and proportionally linked to the way I talk.

Big news, right?

But for me it is another moment of self-awareness. When I find myself talking to others and hear myself using phrases like “huge problem” and “biggest fear” I am literally talking myself into panic. I am blowing my fear up into a larger-than-life issue. I’m creating a new perspective for that fear (or symptom).

Journalling and blogging helps because I can see just how many times I refer to something, or repeat something, and I can reflect on that and see if I am working myself up into a lather.

Meditation, focused breathing, or a nice, brisk walk helps me calm down. There are many things I can do to get my THINKING back on track, and to put my ‘problem’ in its true perspective. It is more-often-than-not just a thought or a fear. The thing I talk about is rarely my actual ‘biggest’ problem. So I am now focusing on how I talk, the words I use and perhaps I’ll find myself less afraid. A little less anxious.

Well, actually I know that I’ll find myself a little less afraid and a little less anxious. That’s how it works!!