I’ve always been fascinated by the placebo effect, especially after an experience I had when I was in the Army. As a joke, a few of us decided to buy some non-alcoholic beer and place it into real beer bottles. We then decided to spend the day playing volleyball. After about an hour or two, most people were complaining that the beer was weak (and a few immediately knew what it was and we had to let them in on the secret so they didn’t bust us), but there were a few who truly seemed drunk. No one ever got the point where they were physically sick or stumbling, but the effect was definitely obvious. It was good for a laugh, and once we announced the news, everyone was a little embarrassed, some were pissed off, and others just wanted to know where the real beer was.

Anyway, check this story out. The premise: Hotel maids who believe they are getting exercise are healthier than maids who don’t think of their toil as a workout. Even if there’s nothing practical here, this is certainly fascinating stuff.

Now if only I could convince myself that I love sitting in rush hour traffic.