Three weeks ago I got a letter. It turned my world upside down. I had been feeling pretty good. Doing well. A letter. Everything suddenly changed.

The letter was almost insignificant. A small piece of paper that instructed me to see my doctor for an innocent checkup. Nothing special. I still got the chills when I read it. I got angry. I was really upset because to me the letter clearly indicated that someone, somewhere, thought I was really sick. The sender thought that there was something wrong with me.

I fumed for a couple of days. I was driving my wife mad. A single letter – 8 lines – had managed to set me back big time. I hadn’t felt this bad for months. I was slipping. Fast.

I’ve already gone to the doctor and I’ve even gotten the results. I am fine. Of course. But I am not. I lost my footing. I fell. Not far (I’m still a long way from that lowest point on the valley floor) but it still hurts. I’ve started moving up again but I feel that I lost some momentum.

But that’s how it goes. You climb, you fall, you pick yourself up and you keep moving. Control the mind, control the climb.