My last post described how a small thing completely knocked me off my feet – how I went from feeling pretty much anxiety free to being afraid of my imminent doom – and how that affected me.

I’m up again. I’m feeling better. I even realized that the “slip” wasn’t all bad because it showed me how far I’ve come. It startled me when I actually felt the difference between “the old” and “the new”. When I fell, I had somewhere to fall from. This realization is fantastic.

I also realize now that I am more sensitive than I thought. It is easier to knock me off my feet than I knew. And there is my new battlefront. As soon as I’ve completely gotten rid of “the feeling of forthcoming doom”, which still rises in me now and then, I’m going to work on my mental toughness. I’m slowly getting to that place again, where I can brush off negative thoughts. When I’m there I’m going to focus on things that might unsettle me and how I can deal with them.

All advice would be welcome.

“Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it by the handle of anxiety, or by the handle of faith.”
— Author Unknown