I’m currently working through three new CDs on Meditation and Guided Relaxation.

THe first one is called “Guided Meditations for calmness, awareness and love” led by Bodhipaksa. There are three meditations on this CD: one on the Mindfulness of Breathing, one on the Development of Lovingkindness and a third on which is called Walking Meditation Practices.

Bodhipaksa’s voice is very soothing, a deep, clear voice with a hint of Scottish brogue. He speaks plainly and simply. He explains what he is doing, and he speaks directly to you as if he is in the room with you. He begins with eyes open and this is unusual, but I liked it – especially for beginners.

The second one is from “The Mental Medicine Collection” and is called “Quiet Thoughts.”

The third is called “The Ease of Being: Guided Meditations for Centering and Healing.”

As I work through these and practice them I’ll keep posting. I think the sound of a voice, and the use of images, appeals to individual tastes, but perhaps it will be helpful and encourage someone to give this tool a try.