I believe that much of our modern anxiety is the result of our lifestyle. The way in which most of us live is inherently unnatural. We’ve truly lost our connection with the rest of the natural world and, as a result, we’ve forgotten our place in it. I myself spend much of my day sitting in traffic where the only animal life I see are those who’ve been crushed on the highway. One could make the argument that, since humans are natural, anything we create is therefore natural. That’s a valid point, but it’s a bit too philosophical for this blog, so I’ll leave that for someone else to delve into.

Nonetheless, when we consciously set ourselves apart of the rest of the world, we can develop a deep sense of loneliness. I’m often amazed at how a simple walk in the woods or a weekend camping trip can really bring me back to the present moment. If you’re interested in some suggestions on how to reconnect with the natural world, take a look at this article from About.com’s Anxiety & Panic Disorders site.