My life has been on fast-fast-forward for about a month and today is the first day of release.

The chaos and busy-ness has been good stuff — nothing anxious or negative. Just huge amounts of time spent going along with schedules and plans of family members. My youngest daughter graduated from high school. Kids moved out of our house. One moved back in. We had visits with elderly relatives who needed us to come. Like I said, it’s good stuff — but busy.

I found myself going on a kind of auto-pilot. Get up, do stuff, go to bed. No creativity really. No time for even much reading. I’ve had some low-level anxiety, mostly the feeling that I’m forgetting something crucial. I’m sure I’ve forgotten many things!! Probably nothing crucial!

So this afternoon I find myself in a peaceful and quiet solitude. Everyone else’s plans have taken them off on various adventures and I simply am home. Alone. For the next few days. Lovely!

I am watching the backyard birds take some last minute sustenance before bedding down for the evening. The squirrels are rummaging around at the base of the feeders for dropped sunfower seeds. Moss moves langorously in a whisper of a breeze. I hear crickets in the distance. The shadows are sharpening as the sun sinks.

Life is good. I’m learning that if I just keep breathing, and trusting, the cycle will move along — and peace will reign again. I’m ready to enjoy it.