My experiences with Panic and Anxiety seem to loop between body and soul.

I often have a physical symptom – a pain, a lump, a soreness and it is then that Panic and Anxiety that develop a kind of net around it. A sort of web of thought and fear and feeling.

I then have a kind of knot. Symptom and anxiety tangled together and my thoughts get like a frenzied pair of hands yanking and pushing and probing and frustration mounts.

Then, on the really good days, a single silky thread leads to soul.

Breathing and meditation, slowness and space enter the picture.

I become aware of all the parts of my body that are okay. That feel really good. The blood flows smoothly and the lungs fill and release with seamless life. Small bits of space or light open up in the dark knot.

And the simplest, yet most profound, thought emerges from this soul place. It’s just a headache. Or it’s just a muscle cramp. Oh yeah.

I’m okay.

I’m fine.