Well, I’m home! 4,617 miles of summer fun. Whew!

It really was a great trip!! We got to see a lot of wonderful things: Shakespeare in Stratford, Ontario. The world’s biggest nickel in Sudbury! We saw museums of Locks and Canals, Cradle of Forestry, mining tours and a host of other wonderful treasures!

We found ourselves in the town that is the home of Popeye! That was cool! And we got to see the wonderful Shipwreck Museum of Lake Superior … (cue Gordon Lightfoot) … and it was a moving experience to see what raging weather can do on those lakes that were calm and beautiful during our trip!

We drove over bridges and mountains. On Interstates and back roads. Stayed in hotels, motels, and B&Bs. Some were great. Some were not!

The great thing was I felt like it was an adventure! I was able to stay present, and in the day – wherever we were. I drank in the weather, the scenery, the friendly people. I ate the fudge!! šŸ™‚

I’m glad to be home…even with the Florida summer heat. But I’m thrilled that we took this trip and that I didn’t let Panic or Anxiety keep me from venturing out!

Life is good – I wish the same for all of you!