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Checking in here, and just feeling like I’d like to share.

I’m traveling right now. With my husband in NYC and enjoying it very much. We’ve had quite a lot of great Opera to see and the weather has been terrific, and it’s been a wonderful change of scenery to be in the big city.

No real worries about “Swine Flu” or airplanes or anything. But I have noticed a little worry, buzzing around my head like a gnat. Nothing I could name or anything, just the awareness that Worry/Anxiety/Panic or whatever had ‘found’ me here… in my anonymity in The Big Apple.

So, I paused. Simply stood still. Breathed deeply. And refused to go down the road with it. Yes, I may drop dead. Sure. But that’s not going to take me out of my present moment, nor is it going to interrupt my last two days here.

It’s a kind of reaction that has grown out of years of practicing thought-interruption, and so far it has worked. Gently, but it has worked.

It’s my new mantra. Pause. Breathe. Pause.

Carry on.


"Drag your thoughts away from your troubles... by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it." -- Mark Twain